The college provides the following scholarships and assistantships to the eligible and deserving candidates as per the established criteria.

Academic Merit Scholarships

A maximum of FIVE Academic Merit Scholarships in each of the MPE-I and II classes will be awarded to meritorious students who secure 70% and above aggregate marks in the Annual University Examination. The value of Academic Merit Scholarship for BPE will be Rs. 2,000/- per year and that for MPE Rs. 2,500/-.

Sports Merit Scholarships

Sports Merit Scholarships upto 10% of the total sanctioned strength of BPE-I, II and III and MPE-I and II classes will be awarded to the medal winners at the All India Inter-University and National level competitions held in individual events and team sports during the academic year ending March. The value of Sports Merit Scholarship will be Rs. 4,000/-, Rs.3,500/- and Rs.3,000/- per year for gold, silver and bronze medal winners respectively.


The college awards the following Gold medals:

"Sundaramuthil Gold Medal"to the First rank holder in the BPE examination.        View Students List
"Lt. Col. K.S.C.Nair Gold Medal"to the First rank holder in the MPE examination.       View Students List
"Lt. Col. K.K.Nair Gold Medal"

to the Best Sportsman of the year                            View Students List

"Col. R.G.Nair Gold Medal"

to the Best Sportswoman of the year                            View Students List