The college has well laidout and maintained play fields for various sports and athletic events. Hostel facilities are provided for boys and girls. Quarters are provided for members of staff. The college also supports a health centre which provides treatment for ordinary ailments and injuries. Other facilities provided include Computer Lab, Gymnasium, Fitness center etc.



 Library  {Click here for Details }

 The college library has a rich collection of more than 12500 books on physical education, sports, sport sciences and general subjects. The college subscribes to 70 national and international professional journals and magazines.  >...More pictures           


The college laboratories are equipped with highly sophisticated equipment used in research in sport sciences and practical activities of physical education as well as for providing medical and scientific back-up to students,athletes and campers.


 Master degree students are compulsarily given training in computer applications. A well-set sports Psychology lab with facilities for verbal, non-verbal and performance tests of intelligence, personality, aggression, anxiety and intervention programmers are available in this college.

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 L.N.C.P.E Health Club is dedicated to facilitate a healthy and active life style of its members.Our Fitness Centre begins with a fitness appraisal to assess our clients' current fitness level providing a basis for the client to develop the most effective fitness programme. A body composition analysis, goal discussion and programme recommendation are included.


The programme is designed in such a manner that it caters to the individual needs and is geared towards clients' personal fitness goals. This service includes basic nutrition guidelines and an introduction to the fitness programme such as cardiovascular training, strength training, training for body toning, weight reduction and body shaping.

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Fitness center sections
Weight training room,Weight training station, free weights, and multi gym                                                 >>>More pictures

Cardiovascular room
Treadmills, ergo cycle, rowers, cross trainers, steppers, aerobic air walker, fitness rider

Step aerobic, low impact and high impact aerobics

Mind body fitness

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