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April 13, 2021, 4:10 pm

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 new SAI - Training Center Puducherry:

 > Procurement of Mattresses and other Linen Items  >> Click here for details <<  
 > Procurement of Kitchen Equipment              >>  Click here for details << 
  Office Note: Tender Opening >> Click Here <<  
 Tender: Demolishing Dormitories & attached toilet block at SAI LNCPE Tvpm > DETAILS <
  Download details:   1.  >>Notice <<           2. >>Application Form & Terms and Conditions <<
  SAI - Training Center Puducherry
 1. Tender for the supply of Dairy and other items  
 2. Tender for the supply of chicken, egg, mutton and fish  
 3. Tender for the supply of fruits and vegetables  
 4. Tender for the supply of grocery items  
      Tender document for Construction,Design, Development and maintenance of                                                   SAI_LNCPE Trivandrum website.
   SAI - STC Mailaduthurai 
   Procurement of  Weight Lifting Equipment (Non-Consumable items)
  SAI - STC YANAM : > Procurement of Mess Services
  SAI - STC YANAM:> Procurement of Sports Equipment (Consumable & Non consumable)
  Procurement of Mess services for SAI State Level Khelo India centre, Thalassery
   Procurement of Sports Equipment for SAI Puducherry
    SAI - LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram
   SAI - NCOE, Thiruvananthapuram & SAG Thalasseri
  SAI - SAG Thalasseri 
  SAI - NCOE,Alappuzha 
                   SAI STC YANAM   : E_Bidding Docucment for Procurement of MESS SERVICES
LNCPE wood
                Re-Tender for sale of Cut Wodden Pieces from LNCPE Campus  >> Click for details   <<
   Quotation for Washing Linen  from SAI LNCPE Thiruvananthapuram >>Details <<
  HIRING OF COMMERCIAL VEHICLE (Contract Carriages) >Extention of Tener Submission date< 
 CORRIGENDUM: >> New Dates <<
              blnk Quotation for sale of cut wodden pieces from LNCPE Campus >> Details <<
   QUOTATION for supply of MINERAL WATER at SAI-LNCPE, Tvpm. >> DETAILS <<  
  Supply of Sports Equipment for SAI Thalassery  >> Click Here for Details <<

Short Tender Notice for Supply of TCCA-90 (Cleaning material for Swimming Pool at SAI LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram)

>> Click Here for Details <<

 SAI LNCPE, Trivandrum Invite Tender for Cleaning Material (Swimming Pool) > Click here <
 SAI, Khelo India Centre, Puducherry invite Tender for Man Power  Services< Click Here <
 Sports Authority of India, Khelo India Centre, Chennai invite Tender for Mess Services
                                                                     >  Click Here for Details <
   Tender for Supply of Kitchen Equipment at LNCPE Mess > Click Here for Details <
  Disposal of Old and Condemned College Car :>> Click Here for Details <<
   Tender for Annual Maintenance, Repair & Servicing of Air Conditioners at SAI LNCPE, Tvpm  
                                                                   >> Click Here for Details <<  
 Tender for Mess Items at SAI STC Puducherry   
1. >>DAIRY ITEMS << 2. >>FRUITS _ VEG. << 3. >> GROCERY << 4. >> POULTRY and FISH << 
  Annual Subscription of Internet Services at SAI - LNCPE, Trivandrum > Details <  
   Tender for Mess Items at SAI LNCPE , Tvpm : 1. >> DAIRY ITEMS << 
  2. >> FISH <<   3. >> VEG.&FRUITS <<  4. GROCERY& PROVISIONS <<   5. >> MEAT & EGG << 
  Tender for Providing CCTV at SAI LNCPE Trivandrum  >> Click Here >> for Details
  Tender for Mess Items at SAI SAG Alleppey : 1. >> Dairy items <<
        2. >> FISH <<   3. >> VEG.&FRUITS <<  4. GROCERY <<   5. >> POULTRY <<
     Disposal of old and condemned College CAR and BUS > Click Here << 
 Re Tender : Purchase of Speed Boat for SAI LNCPE  >> Click Here <<
 Tender for providing Manpower services at STC Kollam    >> Click Here << 

Tender for providing security services at SAI LNCPE Trivandrum >Click Here

  Tender for Mess Services at  SAI SAG Alappuzha   >> Click Here << 
  Tender for AMC of Air conditioner at SAI LNCPE >> Click Here << 

 >> Corrigendum  <<

  Tender for Mess services at SAI SAG Mayiladuthurai >> Click Here <<  
 Tender for Mess Services at STC Kollam >> Click Here << 
 Tender for Man Power Service for SAI SAG Mayiladuthurai  >> Click Here << 
 Tender for Mess Services at SAI SAG Thalassery  >> Click Here <<  
  Quotation for Washing Linen at SAI LNCPE , Tvpm  >> Click here   << 
  Quotation for supply of Mineral water at SAI LNCPE, Tvpm >> Click here <<  
  Hiring of Vehicle at SAI LNCPE, Trivandrum >> Click here <<  
  Purchase of Rowing boat spare parts for SAG Alappuzha >> Click here << 
  Purchase of speed boat for SAG Alappuzha >> Click here <<  
 EOI: Operation and maintenance of TENNIS Court at LNCPE, Tvpm > Click here 
 Addendum - E-tender for Housekeeping and Horticulture services at SAI_LNCPE  

 >> Click Here <<

 Supply of Cleaning Material for Swimming Pool at SAI- LNCPE >> Click Here << 
  House Keeping and Man Power Services at STC Yanam : >> Click Here << 
  Running and maintenance of Mess at STC Yanam : >> Click Here << 

   Limited Tender Notice for Annual Subscription of Internet Connection >>Details << 

    Cancellation of E_Tender for procurement of Kitchen Equipment > Details < 
 Tender for mess items at SAI STC Pondicherry >> Click here for Details << 
 Tender for Watch and Ward at SAI - LNCPE Trivandrum >> Click here for Details << 
  Tender for out sourcing Man Power at SAI Pondicherry >> Click for Details << 
  Installation of CCTV at SAI- LNCPE   >> Click for Details << 
  >>Corrigendum I <<          >>  Corrigendum II << 
   Re-Tender for supply of Sports Equipment at SAI Thalassery >> Click for Details << 
 Outsourcing security and man power service at SAI Kollam >> Click for Details << 
 Tender Notice for running mess at SAI-SAG Thalassery >> Click for Details <<  
 Tender for Out sourcing Mess Contract at SAI-KOLLAM >> Click for Details << 
 Tender for Out Sourcing Mess Contract at SAI_ PUDUCHERRY > Click for Details < 
 Hire of Vehicle  Extension of  Date Of Submission >> Click for Details <<   

Tender for hiring of Commercial Vehicle>> Click for Details <<

 Tender for cutting Trees >> Click for Details <<  
  Supply of  Sports Goods to SAI_ LNCPE >Click for details < 
   Supply of Mess Items to SAI_ LNCPE >> Click for Details <<  
   Limited Tender Notice for Internet Connectivity >Click for details 
 Re-Tender for Supply of Mess Items at STC Chennai  
 Tender  for HIRING OF VEHICLE  >> Click here for details <<   
 Corrigendum on   Mess Tenderclick  
 Corrigendum on   Tendersclick     
    Tender for  providing outsource Catering Services
  Download: blnk>> E_bidding Document <<      &   blnk    >> Price List<<  
    Tender for  providing House Keeping & Horticulture Service
  Download:  blnk>> E_bidding Document <<      &   blnk   >> Price List << 
   Tender for  providing outsource office work & Other Services 
  Download:  blnk>> E_bidding Document <<      &   blnk   >> Price List<<  
  Supply of TCCA-90 (cleaning material for swimming pool)   
  at SAI LNCPE, Trivandrum: >>>>>>Download details <<<<<<<
   Supply of Mess items to SAI STC,Trivandrum>> Download details <<
  Supply of Mess items to SAI Chennai( re-tender)> Download details <
  SAI _SAG Tender Notice for Supply of MESS ITEMS

>>>Download Bidding Document <<<

           Short Tender Notice for supply of packed drinking water
                                          >>>Download Tender Notice and Form <<<
   Re_Quotation: Washing of Linen >> Download Notice& Form <<
    Tender Notice : SAI _SAG Water Sports Centre ALLEPPEY  
   HIRE OF VEHICLE for SAI Training Centre CHENNAI
    New Re-Tender (SAI Thalassery) 
  Re-Tender: Hiring of Commercial Vehicles( Contract Carriages)  
   Running & Maintenanace of Mess at SAI RGSAG Centre, Mailadumthurai,TN  
    Re-Tender (SAI Thalassery)

Supply of Provisions/Chicken/Egg/Vegitables. Etc. for     SAI_LNCPEMess click


  Supply and Installation of water Sports /Physiotherapy / Mediclick cal / Recovery Equipment to SAI LNCPE          


  Supply of Mess item at STC  Salem


                                                          TENDER NOTICEclick

                                                    TENDER DOCUMENTSclick  
    Appointment of Advertising Agencyclick  
               Tender for Sports Equipment supply to SAI - STC Trivandrum  
                                                                     Tender Noticeclick  
                                                              Bidding Documentclick  
   Running and  Maintenanace of MESS at SAI RGSAG Mailaduthurai
                                          Security Service to SAI_ LNCPE
                                                        Tender Notice        click  
                                                        Bidding Documentsclick
                           Transporting Equipment for SAF Games
   Click to download Terms and Conditions  
        Purchase of Rowing Boats for Paddling Pool   at SAI - Alappuzha
   Tender for Complete & Comprehensive Staff Outsourcing

  > : Supply of Computers , Printers and Scanner: <
   > Purchase of Biochemical Equipment for LNCPE Trivandrum  
   > House keeping Services  at SAI RGSAG centre, Mailadumthurai
  > Surface leveling and brick filling at SAI Alappuzha  
  > Purchase of Rowing Boats for  SAI, Water Sports Centre, Alappuzha  



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