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October 15, 2019, 5:16 am

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                                                                  Tender Notice 
  new Annual Subscription of Internet Services at SAI - LNCPE, Trivandrum > Details <  
  new  Tender for Mess Items at SAI LNCPE , Tvpm : 1. >> DAIRY ITEMS << 
  2. >> FISH <<   3. >> VEG.&FRUITS <<  4. GROCERY& PROVISIONS <<   5. >> MEAT & EGG << 
  new Tender for Providing CCTV at SAI LNCPE Trivandrum  >> Click Here >> for Details
  new Tender for Mess Items at SAI SAG Alleppey : 1. >> Dairy items <<
        2. >> FISH <<   3. >> VEG.&FRUITS <<  4. GROCERY <<   5. >> POULTRY <<
 new    Disposal of old and condemned College CAR and BUS > Click Here << 
 Re Tender : Purchase of Speed Boat for SAI LNCPE  >> Click Here <<
 Tender for providing Manpower services at STC Kollam    >> Click Here << 

Tender for providing security services at SAI LNCPE Trivandrum >Click Here

  Tender for Mess Services at  SAI SAG Alappuzha   >> Click Here << 
  Tender for AMC of Air conditioner at SAI LNCPE >> Click Here << 

 >> Corrigendum  <<

  Tender for Mess services at SAI SAG Mayiladuthurai >> Click Here <<  
 Tender for Mess Services at STC Kollam >> Click Here << 
 Tender for Man Power Service for SAI SAG Mayiladuthurai  >> Click Here << 
 Tender for Mess Services at SAI SAG Thalassery  >> Click Here <<  
  Quotation for Washing Linen at SAI LNCPE , Tvpm  >> Click here   << 
  Quotation for supply of Mineral water at SAI LNCPE, Tvpm >> Click here <<  
  Hiring of Vehicle at SAI LNCPE, Trivandrum >> Click here <<  
  Purchase of Rowing boat spare parts for SAG Alappuzha >> Click here << 
  Purchase of speed boat for SAG Alappuzha >> Click here <<  
 EOI: Operation and maintenance of TENNIS Court at LNCPE, Tvpm > Click here 
 Addendum - E-tender for Housekeeping and Horticulture services at SAI_LNCPE  

 >> Click Here <<

 Supply of Cleaning Material for Swimming Pool at SAI- LNCPE >> Click Here << 
  House Keeping and Man Power Services at STC Yanam : >> Click Here << 
  Running and maintenance of Mess at STC Yanam : >> Click Here << 

   Limited Tender Notice for Annual Subscription of Internet Connection >>Details << 

    Cancellation of E_Tender for procurement of Kitchen Equipment > Details < 
 Tender for mess items at SAI STC Pondicherry >> Click here for Details << 
 Tender for Watch and Ward at SAI - LNCPE Trivandrum >> Click here for Details << 
  Tender for out sourcing Man Power at SAI Pondicherry >> Click for Details << 
  Installation of CCTV at SAI- LNCPE   >> Click for Details << 
  >>Corrigendum I <<          >>  Corrigendum II << 
   Re-Tender for supply of Sports Equipment at SAI Thalassery >> Click for Details << 
 Outsourcing security and man power service at SAI Kollam >> Click for Details << 
 Tender Notice for running mess at SAI-SAG Thalassery >> Click for Details <<  
 Tender for Out sourcing Mess Contract at SAI-KOLLAM >> Click for Details << 
 Tender for Out Sourcing Mess Contract at SAI_ PUDUCHERRY > Click for Details < 
 Hire of Vehicle  Extension of  Date Of Submission >> Click for Details <<   

Tender for hiring of Commercial Vehicle>> Click for Details <<

 Tender for cutting Trees >> Click for Details <<  
  Supply of  Sports Goods to SAI_ LNCPE >Click for details < 
   Supply of Mess Items to SAI_ LNCPE >> Click for Details <<  
   Limited Tender Notice for Internet Connectivity >Click for details 
 Re-Tender for Supply of Mess Items at STC Chennai  
 Tender  for HIRING OF VEHICLE  >> Click here for details <<   
 Corrigendum on   Mess Tenderclick  
 Corrigendum on   Tendersclick     
    Tender for  providing outsource Catering Services
  Download: blnk>> E_bidding Document <<      &   blnk    >> Price List<<  
    Tender for  providing House Keeping & Horticulture Service
  Download:  blnk>> E_bidding Document <<      &   blnk   >> Price List << 
   Tender for  providing outsource office work & Other Services 
  Download:  blnk>> E_bidding Document <<      &   blnk   >> Price List<<  
  Supply of TCCA-90 (cleaning material for swimming pool)   
  at SAI LNCPE, Trivandrum: >>>>>>Download details <<<<<<<
   Supply of Mess items to SAI STC,Trivandrum>> Download details <<
  Supply of Mess items to SAI Chennai( re-tender)> Download details <
  SAI _SAG Tender Notice for Supply of MESS ITEMS

>>>Download Bidding Document <<<

           Short Tender Notice for supply of packed drinking water
                                          >>>Download Tender Notice and Form <<<
   Re_Quotation: Washing of Linen >> Download Notice& Form <<
    Tender Notice : SAI _SAG Water Sports Centre ALLEPPEY  
   HIRE OF VEHICLE for SAI Training Centre CHENNAI
    New Re-Tender (SAI Thalassery) 
  Re-Tender: Hiring of Commercial Vehicles( Contract Carriages)  
   Running & Maintenanace of Mess at SAI RGSAG Centre, Mailadumthurai,TN  
    Re-Tender (SAI Thalassery)

Supply of Provisions/Chicken/Egg/Vegitables. Etc. for     SAI_LNCPEMess click


  Supply and Installation of water Sports /Physiotherapy / Mediclick cal / Recovery Equipment to SAI LNCPE          


  Supply of Mess item at STC  Salem


                                                          TENDER NOTICEclick

                                                    TENDER DOCUMENTSclick  
    Appointment of Advertising Agencyclick  
               Tender for Sports Equipment supply to SAI - STC Trivandrum  
                                                                     Tender Noticeclick  
                                                              Bidding Documentclick  
   Running and  Maintenanace of MESS at SAI RGSAG Mailaduthurai
                                          Security Service to SAI_ LNCPE
                                                        Tender Notice        click  
                                                        Bidding Documentsclick
                           Transporting Equipment for SAF Games
   Click to download Terms and Conditions  
        Purchase of Rowing Boats for Paddling Pool   at SAI - Alappuzha
   Tender for Complete & Comprehensive Staff Outsourcing

  > : Supply of Computers , Printers and Scanner: <
   > Purchase of Biochemical Equipment for LNCPE Trivandrum  
   > House keeping Services  at SAI RGSAG centre, Mailadumthurai
  > Surface leveling and brick filling at SAI Alappuzha  
  > Purchase of Rowing Boats for  SAI, Water Sports Centre, Alappuzha  



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