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December 2, 2021, 2:21 pm

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   Masters Degree Thesis
Submitted to the University Of Kerala in lieu of a paper
Shilli Joseph,Analysis of Sport Competitive Anxiety and Self Confidence among Female Athletes at Varying Points of the Time Prior to Competition . April,1995.
Naresh Singh Mankotia,Re establishing Reliability and Validity of Sport Achievement Motivation Test . April, 1995
Bindu.A.S, Assesment of Selected Health Related Fitness Variables of College Females. April 1995
Anu.T.P,A Comparative Study of Minimum Muscular Fitness of Boys in the age group of 11 to 13 years in State and Central Schools. April 1995
Cicily Pearly Alex,Comparative effect of Plyometric Exercise and Running ABC on Jumping ability and Running speed. April 1996
Mini.B.S,Analysis of the effect of Activity Programme on Physical Fitness of College Freshmen Over Time. April 1996
Aneja Raj,A Study on the Physical Fitness of the Children of Coastal and Non-Coastal area, April 1996
Shylaja.J.G,Effect of Isometric and Isotonic Exercises on Sprinting Ability. April 1996
Preetha.V,An Assessment of the Selected Physiological Variables of Prospective Female Physical Educators. April 1996
Raji Philip, The Effect of Circuit Training and Interval Training on Strength Endurance of 13-14 Age Group Students. April 1996.
Sherry.P.John,Effect of Physical Activity Programme on Mentally Retarded. April 1996.
Susha.G.P,A Comparative Study of Female Athletes and Young Athletes on the Dimensions of Personality Incentive Motivation and Anxiety. April 1996
Mariamma.M.Thomas, Personality and Group Cohesion as Contributive Factors to Success of Intervarsity Female Basketball players. April 1996
Joly Thomas,An Analysis of the Attitude of high School Students Towards Physical Education. April 1996
Sajitha.N.P, The Effect of Mental, Physical and Mental Physical Training Strategies on the Acquisition of Selected Skill in Shuttle Badminton. April 1996
Sanjiv Kumar Dubey,Study of Motives for Competition Among Athletes of Selected Sports and Games at International Level. April 1996
Binu George Vargheese, An Analytical Study of the Incentive Motivation of Badminton Players at National Level. April 1996
Harikrishna.P,A Comparative Study of Sport Competition Anxiety and Aggression of Intercollegiate and Intervarsity Male Basketball Players. April 1997
Krishna Kumar.G,Analysis of Pre-Competition Arousal of Men Track & Field Athletes at Two Levels of Competition. April 1997
Nama Ashish Prem Singh,Analysis of Attitude of Collegiate Students Towards Woman Participation in Sport. April 1997
Deepthi Sukumaran,A Study of Selected Physical and Physiological Variables of Young Gymnasts as a Function of Performance Over a Period of Time. April 1997
Soya John,A Comparative Study of Health Related Physical Fitness Profile of High and Low Altitude School Boys. April 1997
Shabu.S.J,Effect of Selected Static Stretching Exercise on Lower Back and Ankle Flexibility, April 1997
Merry Rose Mathew,A Study on the Relationship of Leg and Foot Length with Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity of Collegiate Female Athletes. April 1997
Kumari Ganga.P.G,Effect of Specific Physical Exercise on Selected Anthropometric Measurements. April 1997
Gimmy Joseph, Effect of Circuit Resistance Training on Selected Physiological Variables of Physically Untrained Men. April 1997
Chithralekha.M.S,Effect of Ten-Week Dance Aerobic on Selected Physiological Variables of School Girls. April 1998
Vineed Kumar.K,A study of the Effect of Selected Stretching Exercises on Agility and Flexibility of school boys. April 1998
Tharun Jinaraj,An analysis of the Physical Fitness of Boarders and Day Scholars of a Public School, April 1998
Mini.V.S,A Comparative Study of Competitive Motives of Departmental Volleyball Teams at Two Points of Time. April 1998
Anies Mathew,Effect of Exercise on Mood States of Sedentary Females, April 1998
Praveen Kumar.T.K,A Comparative Study on effect of Proprioceptive Neuro Muscular Facilitated Stretching on Body Builders and Kalarippayattu Trainees. April 1998
Bindhu.R,A Comparative Study of Anticipation and Reaction Time of Selected Sports Groups Under Resting and Practice Conditions. April 1998
Sagai Raj. B,A Study of the Physiological Profile of Male Students of Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education Thiruvanathapuram, April 1998
Jairaj.J,A Comparative Study of Selected Anthropometric Variables and Physical Fitness Components of Male Karate ka's and Jumpers, April 1998
Bobbi Rodolph,A Study of Selected Morphological and Lung Function Characteristics of Kayakers and Canoeists. April 1998
Sunitha Dutta, Effect of Progressive Stress on Cognitive Performance Under Simulated Playing Condition in Field Hockey, April 1999
Sajeev.L.P,Analysis of Posture and Body mechanics of Central School Boys, 1999
Rejila.E.C,A Study of Selected Morphological and Physiological Variables as a Function of Performance in Cycling. 1999
Kalaivani.N,Effect of Aerobic Dance on Selected Physiological Variables and Self Esteem in Sedentary Women, 1999
Haritha.S.Kurup,A Comparative Study of Selected Anthropometric Measurements of Ranked and Unranked University Basketball Teams, 1999
Biju.B.S,Effect of Selected Physical Activities on Physical Fitness and Motor Awareness of Kindergarten Children, 1999
Pradeep Mathew.B.S,A Survey of Lifestyles Cardiac Risk Factors and Physical Fitness Status of Men in Thiruvananthapuram, 1999
Rosh Kumar.B.S,A Comparative Study of Anthropometric Profiles of Men Basketball and Volleyball Players of Kerala State, 1999
Syham Mohan.M.S,Effect of Explosive Warm up on Selected Components of Physical Fitness, 1999
Reji Cherian,A Survey of Application of Psychology in Sports Coaching, 1999
Dhanya.T.G,Relationship of Anxiety to performance in team and Individual Sports, 1999
Bindhu.M,Psychological Profile of Sports School Children in Kerala, 1999
Rejani.R, A Study of Athletes Preference for Leadership Behavior in Coaches,1999
Bobby.C.Joseph, A Study of Stress Among Various Socio-Economic Categories of Government Employees in Trivandrum, 1999
J.Glory Darling Margret,A Comparative Analysis of Mood States of 12-14 years Children at Two Point of School Times, 1999
Suja Mary George, A Comparative Study of Social Behavior and Adjustment in High and Low Fitness Students of Public Schools, 2000
Abhilash,A Comparative study of Cardio Respiratory Efficiency of Professional College Students in Thiruvananthapuram, 2000
Agi George,Comparison of Sedentary and Physically Active Female Students on Body Composition and Cardio-Pulmonary Index, 2000
Anil Kumar.N,Effect of Grand Exercise Programme on Mood States of Juvenile Delinquents, 2000
Anjali.O,Effect of Music and Visualization as Relaxation Techniques on Alpha-EEG Pattern of High Anxious Athletes, 2000
Augustine George,Prediction of Maximal Oxygen Uptake from Selected Anthropometric Variables in College Youths, 2000
B.Chittibabu,Comparative Study of Anthropometric Measurements and Physical Fitness Components of Students of Kerala and Tamilnadu, 2000
Daisy.K.C, Team Cohesiveness among Selected College Teams During Practice and Prior to Competition, 2000
Jayakumar.M,Effect of 10-Week Brisk Walking on selected Psychological and Physiological Variables of Sedentary men, 2000
Joji Vargheese,Effect of Fitness Programme on Selected Physical and Psychological Variables of School Teachers, 2000
Jyothish.S,A Study of Cardio-Respiratory Efficiency of Junior Boys at Different Times of the Day, 2000
Kunjikkannan.R,A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Components of Male Karatteka' Teakwondo and Judo Players. 2000
Lathika Kumari.R,Physiological Profile of Two Groups of Women Practicing Pranayama and Aerobics Sport, 2000
Mahes.R, Postural Analysis of Football Players of Professional Clubs in Kerala, 2000
Prasanth.G.Nair,A Study of Coach's Self Perception of Ideal Leadership Behavior, 2000
Rajith. K.S,A Study of Reaction time and Intelligence of Track & Field Athletes and Selected Team Games Players, 2000
Sindhu. V.S,A Study of Relationship of Selected Lung Functions to Performance in Swimming, 2000
Vinod Richard,An Analysis of General Attitude of Collegiate Youths in Thiruvananthapuram, 2000
Vinu Bhaskar, Effect of 10-week Tubics on Strength an Aerobic Capacity and Selected Anthropometric Measurements of Senior Boys, 2000
Xaviour.G,Effect of Static Stretching and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching on Hamstring Flexibility, 2000
Abhilash.S.S,Effect of Resistance Training on Selected Variables of Older Men,2001.
Anish Kumar.M.M,Effect of 8-Week Aerobic Exercise Programme on Selected Physiological Variables of Older Men,2001.
Anshuman Bal,Effect of Imagery Training on Performance Enhancement in Middle Distance Running,2001.
Asha.J.S, Effect of Incremental Stress on Anticipation,2001.
Binoy.K,Comparative Analysis of Physical Fitness of Regular Participants in Sports in the Sainik School and the Sports School,2001.
Deepa.J.AntonyEffect of Concentration Training on Attentional Style as a Function of Planning Ability in Soccer,2001.
Dheeja DharmajanEffect of Dance and Rhythmics on Perpetual-Motor Abilities of Down Syndrome Individuals,2001.
Harish.PContribution of Arm-Swing in Performance of Standing Broad Jump.
Mahendra Kumar MehraAnalysis of Angular Placement of Non-Kicking Foot in Relation to kicking Direction During Penalty Shoot Out in Soccer,2001.
Margrette Leena.VA Comparative Study of the Body Image and Self Esteem of Woman in Selected Vocations,2001.
Rajkumari.SComparison of High and Low Fitness School Students on their Attitude towards Physical Education,2001.
Shahul Hameed.AEffect of Glucose Supplementation on Blood Glucose During Endurance Performance,2001.
Stylemon PillaiAnalysis of Health Related Physical Fitness of School Children of Three Communities,2001.
Tesmy Ann VattolyAnalysis of Anthropometric and Physiological Profiles of Players from Selected State Schools' Teams,2001.
Ajai Kumar.G.I

Comparative Study on Selected Anthropometric Measurements and Physical Fitness of North and South Indian Students of Central Schools,2001.

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